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We're continually updating and improving our service. Next to security enhancements, the main source of innovation is community feedback. This has always been the be the main factor to determine where the further development path will go. It enables the maintenance of the quality you are used to - state of the art bitcoin mixing in perfection.

Here is a collection of reviews from users of FoxMixer. Leave your own review below to help other users and to show how FoxMixer can be improved further.

Your service worked fabulously for me, got back my coins mixed. Keep up that great website.
★★★★★Jasonman -
This mixer fulfills and exceeds all expectations of a high quality and high volume mixing service. The payout time can be set very accurately, which makes it possible to use it for paying bills directly and on time. Super!
★★★★★Uwanna -
Definitely one of the best bitcoin mixers out there. If you're looking for a fast, high quality and low fee bitcoin tumbling service, this is the mixer to use. Great!
★★★★★David Walker -
FoxMixer is a great mixer which is easy to use. Both beginners and sophisticated Bitcoin traders will find it suitable for their needs.
It's good to see that there are starting to be more reputable mixing options in the crypto space.
★★★★Rmcdermott927 -

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