Your mix has been generated

1. Send your bitcoins to the following address

Bitcoin address 

Send at least 0.00200000 BTC to this address.

The payin should be initiated within 2 hours. The mixed bitcoins will get credited back to your selected addresses after the given delay and 6 confirmations.
Hint: Our current mixing volume is around 500 BTC. Do not mix more than 20 BTC now as an automatic rebalancing is in progress.

2. For your security: Letter of Guarantee

Download the following "Letter of Guarantee" and keep it until you receive your bitcoins. In case of contacting our support, this letter is a reference for us.

Letter of Guarantee
Download now

Download now

3. You are done

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For your own privacy, this page and all information about your mix will be deleted automatically after 7 days. However, you can report issues even after this time.